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Veterans Administration Health Care

Veterans Administration Health Care

The Filta Service has been an enormous time and money saver for us. This service has saved me at least $100.00 per week in time and product since I started using them, improving my bottom line and I only have 2 small fryers!

It has also been a great relief that the potential unsafe procedure is being handled by professionals in both cleaning and disposal, reducing my concerns about employee and passerby safety. We used to have to haul the oil down several patient hallways and down steps to dispose of the oil.

Filta is also recycling the oil helping me accomplish my green initiatives. They are extremely friendly, professional,
understanding and willing to work with us. They are always smiling and are terrific people. I am an extremely satisfied customer and would recommend them to anyone and everyone.


Filta Franchise Owners and Technicians provide service to thousands of Medical facilities.

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