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The Food Institute: Oil Shortage a Growing Concern

Last week The Food Institute profiled the cooking oil shortage issue and its link to biodiesel production. The article notes that we’ve saved a total of more than 942 million pounds of oil for our customers; find the rolling ticker on Filta’s home page here.

The article also included comment from our CEO, Tom Dunn, who said, “our clients are keen to make their valuable oil commodity last longer and know they’re not contributing to environmental waste when oil is recycled for biodiesel instead of dumped.”

Microfiltration, according to Dunn, is the single biggest way Filta customers can stretch this precious commodity to make it last longer and keep food tasting better.

To read the entire Food Institute article, please click here. To learn more about Filta’s services, please call 866-51-FILTA or visit for 24-hour live chat.

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