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St. Andrews University

St. Andrews University

In August of 2013, Scott Sutherland, a private operator of the Filta services approached us here at St. Andrew’s University in Laurinburg, North Carolina, and sat down to tell us all about the benefits of having the Filtacool system. After some discussion and budget adjustments, the Director and I, the executive chef, Robert Ritter, of Chartwells Food Service, a division of Compass Group, agreed to have the Filtacool system installed in our three walk-in coolers and walk-in freezer.

A brief history; The institution was founded in 1958, established as a result of the merger of Flora MacDonald College in Red Springs and Presbyterian Junior College in Maxton. The new college was named St. Andrews Presbyterian College September 23, 1960.The name reflected its Scottish Presbyterian heritage and to identify it with the University of St. Andrews, in Scotland. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on April 15, 1959, followed shortly by construction of campus on an 800-acre location on the south side Laurinburg, NC. Now at the present day of the 2013-2014 school year the campus has 520 students from almost every state and 15 countries.

The walk-in coolers are still the originals with some late model compressor upgrades. They almost look home-made with laminate panels, exposed wood frame, and heavy duty stainless Jameson Refrigerator doors. Prior to adding the filters in the coolers, the light fixtures would need to be drained daily from excess moisture, mold was forming on the wall, and the freezer had icicles forming all along the walls and door frame. In one cooler, the majority of our proteins had a three week shelf life, but were expiring within one week. In another cooler, our produce was only lasting a few days and the milk was not lasting either. The third cooler that houses our daily productions and cheeses was the worst for excess moisture. The light fixture needed to be drained twice a day and the dairy products were spoiling faster than we could use them. All four walk-ins were having temperature controls issues as well.

Since the installation of the Filtacool filters our coolers have not had any issues, except for being too cold. The light fixtures in the coolers are no longer filling up with water. There is no excess moisture on the walls and the mold growth stopped. The ice build-up in the freezer has stopped. The produce is holding up to a week longer than before, dairy products are holding up to two weeks longer, and our proteins are lasting up to two weeks longer as well. Monitoring the temperature gauges in the coolers is showing up to six degrees colder than before.

The amount of money spent on having the filters in coolers and freezers do not compare to the amount of dollars wasted on products spoiling without the filters. So I recommend that if you have a cooler of any sort, that you have the Filtacool set-up, and you might as well add the Filtafry service.

Executive Chef
Robert Ritter


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