FiltaFry | How the Service Works

Active Fryer Management Service

FiltaFry cooking oil filtration - fryer management

1 Arrive at Location.
2 Check oil temperature, reset and advise (if necessary.)
3 Remove oil from fryer with filtration machine.
4 Clean fryer with vaccuum-based filtration system.
5 Filtered oil returned to fryer.
6 Leave important notes for kitchen staff.

FiltaBio Waste Oil Collection

1 Once the cooking oil has come to the end of its life, we can collect the used cooking oil and immediately remove it safely from your site… eliminating the need for Waste Oil Bins
2 From there, the waste vegetable oil is purified and the majority sent to be made into biodiesel, the safe and environmentally friendly alternative to petrochemical based diesel.

FiltaGold fresh cooking oil supply

1 Alongside the FiltaFry service, Filta now offers cooking oil supply.