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Portugal Master License Available

Filta currently operates in over 20 countries, many via International Master Licenses, but we do not have a Master Licensee in Portugal. The Master License Holder has the right to operate the Filta business, under the Filta brand, in the local market.

There are several options for the Master License Holder to structure the Filta business based on the market size and business culture.

Sub Franchise – Run a company owned operation and then have Franchise Owners in other parts of the country – like the Master License Holders do in Australia, Holland, Belgium.
Company Owned Operation – Run a company owned operation where the Master License Holder control all the vans and employees – like the Master License Holder does in Costa Rica.
Hybrid – Run a hybrid of the two – like Master License Holders do in other countries.

Filta knows the business… You know Your Market.

Filta can offer advice on the optimal structure for you in Portugal.