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Paradise Valley Hospital

Paradise Valley Hospital

This letter is in reference to the outstanding level of service we have received from FiltaFry.

I have been the cook and now manager here at Paradise Valley Hospital for the past 7 years. To have a company like FiltaFry service our fryer has taken a headache away from my Chef and cooks. To get their service twice a week assures us that we are using fresh filtered oil more often and it takes the danger of major possible burns.

The savings of labor are a wonderful plus. I now can use that time to have my cooks do more productive things for our business.

My employees are much happier knowing they don’t have to deal with the task of cleaning and disposing of boiling oil.

I highly recommend FiltaFry for food service establishments whether in health care or private owned restaurants.


Filta Franchise Owners and Technicians provide service to thousands of Medical facilities.

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