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4 Steps to Optimize Kitchens in Healthcare Facilities

Since 1996, Filta has been providing fryer management services to commercial kitchens of all kinds, including those in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and assisted living homes. Therefore, we thought that it would be interesting to explore the different steps healthcare facilities can take to optimize their kitchen spaces in terms of safety, nutrition, and creating an […]

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Universities are Going Green with Fried Food

When you think of a university going green, you usually think recycling, conserving energy, using digital sources, or at least recycled paper in textbooks. But universities – and today’s students who are often referred to as the “sustainability generation” – are increasingly demanding deeper and deeper environmentally proactive measures and are holding decision makers accountable […]

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Georgia job growth strong as unemployment remains at record low

Source: The Atlanta Journal Constitution The stock market has plunged, interest rates have climbed, inflation may be biting, and talk of recession is in the air, but business has been pretty good at Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions. Like many Georgia employers, the Athens-based company has been less worried about finding customers and more worried about obtaining workers […]

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Indulgent Fried Food at Fairs Can Mean Tough Fryer Clean Ups

From sea to shining sea, there’s a lot of extraordinary food – fried food. And no better place to spot it than at state fairs across the U.S., which offer an extravaganza of indulgence, fun and once-a-year extremes of sights, sounds and tastes – some of the strangest being fried. From fried collard greens (healthy, […]

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Cooking Oil Down the Drain is a Home Kitchen Disaster

Fried foods are delicious and easy to cook at home, but oil clean-up can have a less than pleasant outcome if you don’t dispose of it properly. Pouring it down the drain – or any bit of plumbing – can have catastrophic effects not only on the plumbing at your own house but also down […]

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8 Ways to Reduce Food Waste in Restaurant Kitchens

Food waste is staggering. In the United States, restaurants generate an estimated 22 to 33 billion pounds of food waste every year, and institutions like schools, hotels, and hospitals are responsible for an additional 7 to 11 billion pounds. Pair these gigantic numbers with the fact that 12.3% of Americans experienced food insecurity in 2016, […]

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