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The local FiltaFry Franchise, has been servicing the local Fuddruckers for over a year. As the Area Supervisor for the three stores in Albuquerque, I can be assured that the service is prompt, dependable and my fryers will be in great shape when our FiltaFry Representative completes the job.

The advantages of FiltaFry are:

Oil life is extended through the micro filtration process.
The fryers are professionally cleaned each visit.
My employees are not at risk cleaning the fryers.
Financial saving result from my employees completing other tasks while the oil is being filtered.

I recommend FiltaFry for anyone using a fryer. This fryer management company has enabled my stores to more than cover the cost of their service in oil and labor savings.


Filta Franchise Owners and Technicians provide service to thousands of Restaurants.

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