Filta is looking for people who desire to own, develop and manage a multi-van business, providing multiple proven environmental services to commercial kitchens.


What are Environmental Kitchen Solutions?

So what comes to mind when you hear “Environmental Kitchen Solutions”? For many people there’s a vague understanding; certainly you can piece these words together and derive a general idea, but we want to start the conversation by giving you a clear understanding. After all, we know that Franchisees need clear, concise information to make informed decisions.

It’s not just a tagline

Environmental Kitchen Solutions describes our line of innovative services that inherently preserve the environment wherever food is fried or there’s refrigeration. The mechanics behind how this is actually achieved is through the ingenuity of FiltaFry, FiltaBio and FiltaCool.

There’s an altruistic reason why everyone should care about eco-sustainable services; there’s an ever mounting attention towards reducing our footprint and impact on the environment. Now, what if you could help food-industry businesses achieve that while saving them money, reducing injuries and enhancing food quality at the same time?

Are You Ready to Learn More?

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Our Franchisees Say it Best

Life is wonderful. I always tell new future franchisees when they call and ask my advice about the business. If I can do this anyone can. You can build your business. You can build a better life for your family. Filta has always been there for me.

- Jim McCormick, Raleigh, NC
I started my Filta business in the middle of the worst recession in decades. Within 7 months, I had 3 vans on the road servicing weekly repeat customers. The FiltaFry business is in high demand. I would recommend this franchise to anyone.

- JJ Paul, Birmingham, AL
Back in 2009, in the midst of the biggest recession in any of our lifetimes, I decided to invest in a Filta franchise.  The concept of reducing consumption and liability and taking away an undesirable job from the kitchen staff made sense to me.  It seemed like something like that would work in any economy. Thankfully I was right. Over time I’ve been able to build a repeat customer base that is now generating over $1m in annual sales and I’ve done it in the 92nd largest metro in the US.  I would recommend Filta to anybody seeking a unique business opportunity that can thrive in any economic climate!

- Tom Gibbons, Augusta, GA

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