The Filta Factor


Solving Everyday Challenges for Commercial Kitchen Management


Oil Management 101

Before we dive into the environmental impact of getting oil to the fryer or disposing it, it’s important to know how it’s been handled in the past – and for many food businesses, how it still continues today. Food is fried in oil. Unless there’s filtration, it’s used for a day – maybe four tops – and then thrown out so the fryers can be cleaned (a costly, environment-impacting hassle).

Some kitchens may have a filtration system in place, but generally speaking it just strains the oil. The micron levels it filters to, is not significant for the long term (it doesn’t offer the best food quality or maximize the life of the oil). Here’s another truth, manual filtration can be inconsistent, unreliable and unsafe.

As part of our Franchisee’s complete fryer management services, they do a comprehensive assessment of every potential customer’s kitchen.

Sometimes they find a situation where the GM may think that filtration is happening daily, the kitchen manager may report it occurs every other day and the reality is the lineperson reveals it’s just twice a week. This results in a food safety issue and a quality issue. There’s also an employee safety issue with hot oil and burn risks.

The Solution:

Oil Disposal

Disposing used cooking oil is an environmentally important task. Kitchens put waste oil collection bins out by their dumpsters and contract commercial services for removal. This causes problems with pests, possible bin overflows and potential fines. A single fryer can create 5,000 lbs of waste oil in a year.

The Solution:

Walk-in Coolers

Walk-in coolers have an eternal struggle with moisture. Every time the cooler door swings open, the warm air rushes in and meets the cold air, where moisture is then created. The moisture compounds and then starts wreaking havoc with mold, bacteria, odors and food deterioration.

The Solution:

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