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Franchise Owner Leaves Corporate World, Gets Married, And Pursues Dream Of Running His Own Business

Franchise Owner Leaves Corporate World, Gets Married, And Pursues Dream Of Running His Own Business

We all have a dream. For franchise owner Barry Triche, it was to escape the corporate world, settle down with the love of his life in West Texas, and pursue something he’s always wanted—to be his own boss. Triche’s background was construction—as a manufacturer’s rep for a commercial lighting company for 25 years—but he was looking to start his own business.

Astonishingly, Triche didn’t have to go far to find a great business idea. After returning from a long day at work—back in his home state of Louisiana—he noticed his neighbor had a new van parked in his driveway with the words “Filta Environmental Kitchen Solutions” written across the side. Barry knew his neighbor was in the same field of work, construction wholesale, and suddenly it looked like he had jumped ship and bought a new business. “What have you done?,” said Triche to his neighbor, Trent Carlos. Carlos replied that he had bought a Filta franchise and would be going into business for himself.

Filta-West-TexasIntrigued by his neighbors sudden change of careers, Triche began to investigate Filta franchise opportunities. “What intrigued me about Filta was the innovative solutions that they offer to commercial kitchens that have been missing for a long time. Plus, their business model is one that I really liked when I investigated it. Once I met the Filta community, I felt very drawn to it because it was more personable, it has a family feel,” said Triche.

The timing was perfect. Triche had discovered a great business—thanks to his neighbor—and the territory he wanted, Abilene, Texas, where he and his wife planned to reside was available. Knowing this was a great opportunity, Triche attended a discovery day at Filta’s headquarters in Orlando, Florida, and the rest was history. Triche had found exactly what he was looking for.

“I always wanted the freedom of being able to operate my business the way I feel is in the best interest of the business. That freedom is probably the key that you don’t get from many structured hierarchal corporations, it’s just different. I also like the fact that I am environmental solutions for an industry that is in dire need of environmental solutions,” said Triche.

Triche opened his franchise this past June with service in Abilene, Sweetwater, Big Spring, and Midland-Odessa. “I am servicing all different types of accounts from healthcare, to restaurants, to sports bars, to convenience stores. Equally servicing those four target groups has been very enjoyable since there’s something new everyday,” said Triche.

The main service Triche provides, FiltaFry, is a total fryer management solution that provides micro-filtration of cooking oil, fryer cleaning, and bin-free waste oil recycling. The service extends the life of the cooking oil, saves kitchens time and money, reduces accidents, improves food quality, and eliminates the unsightly waste bins that can cause spills and fines. Triche says the service has been quickly adopted across his territory as FiltaFry provides a solution for one of the biggest problems commercial kitchens face.

If you are in West Texas and you’d like to learn more about Filta’s services, you can reach Barry at (432) 201-5576 or via email at

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