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Franchise Can Complement an Existing Business

Franchise Can Complement an Existing Business

June 30, 2008
By: Sandy Smith
Source: Suite 101

Whether it’s a seasonal business that needs a year-round assist or one that offers related services, more entrepreneurs are adding a franchise to an existing business.

This marks a massive sea change in the way franchising is done. Previously, franchisors wanted a franchisee to run one business. But just as they’ve done with multi-site franchisees, franchisors are now allowing, if not encouraging, complementary businesses.

One call, multiple services
Take FiltaFry for example. The company services the deep fryers in restaurants. One can purchase a FiltaFry franchise on its own or can add on a FiltaCool franchise, which services the coolers at restaurants. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how offering both services would be a benefit. Not only can the franchisee sell two services, he can do so without having to roll the van more than once. In these days of high gas prices, that can be a huge savings.

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