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FiltaFry – A Leader in Fryer Filtration and Management

FiltaFry – A Leader in Fryer Filtration and Management

October 8, 2009
By: Frank Luca
Source: Amazines

FiltaFry is dedicated to improving the way that restaurants and other food service establishments do business. FiltaFry’s fryer filtration and management service helps its clients save money, creates safer work environments, provides businesses with the tools to improve the quality of their products and plays a role in preserving the environment. This comprehensive service provides and eco-friendly, mobile onsite solution to full fryer management, providing customers with highly effective micro-filtration of cooking oil and vacuum-based cleaning of deep fryers. By working with a highly skilled and trained FiltaFry technician, customers obtain a all-inclusive fryer management service that reaches far beyond the scope of simple waste oil management.

FiltaFry’s service includes such detailed aspects as temperature calibration of fryers, oil filtration, and thorough vacuuming of fryers. The advanced filtration methods employed by this system reduces the onset of chemical breakdown of oils, thereby extending that oil’s usability and improving its taste and quality.

How it Works
FiltaFry uses a special micro-filtration system to achieve an unparalleled clarity in recycled cooking oil. First a technician pumps hot oil directly from the fryer, often at temperatures in excess of 350 degrees. The heat of the oil lowers its viscosity, facilitating better filtration. The oil is then directed at high pressure though Filta’s specials filtration unit. These units are capable of removing carbon fibers and other particulate matter down to just a few microns in size, over 100 times smaller than that filtered by the minimally effective factory installed filters on most commercial fryers. While the oil is being filtered, the FiltaFry technician is hard at work cleaning the fryer using a vaccuum-based filtration system. This thorough cleaning leaves fryers free from any residual contaminates that might degrade oil and leaves the fryer ready to work at optimal efficiency. The oil is then returned to the fryer (minus 99 percent of the contaminants) looking cleaner and tasting better, ready to use again. Filta filtered oils last an average of twice as long, leading to a reduction in oil usage by an establishment of around 50 percent.

The Benefits
Oil is an expensive resource that has limited longevity, even under the best use. Microscopic contaminates that enter the oil through use break down the oil and reduce its lifespan. FiltaFry saves customers money by micro-filtering these impurities from the oil, extending its usability. FiltaFry customers often see as much as a 50 percent reduction in oil turnover and disposal. Cleaner oil means better tasting oil, and that leads to better tasting foods as well. FiltaFry removes 99% of carbon and other contaminants that taint the flavor of cooking oil. As a result, fried foods come out tasting like they were intended to, not like what they were fried in. Using FiltaFry also eliminates the risk to employees associated with fryer upkeep. Filta’s cleaning service also reduces the chances of injury due to slip and fall accidents and boil outs. As a result, businesses save on insurance claims and employees come to work with the peace of mind that they are being provided a safe work environment.


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