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Filta is Closing in on Saving 1 Billion Pounds of Cooking Oil

Filta is Closing in on Saving 1 Billion Pounds of Cooking Oil

Filta is closing in on a big eco-win: saving nearly 1 billion pounds of oil through our oil management work in large commercial kitchens. Since we began operating in North America, we have saved nearly 947 million pounds of oil (at this writing) which means we’re doing our part to help Mother Earth, but we’re helping our increasingly sustainability-conscious customers do the same.

When we hit that 1 billion mark, it will be the equivalent of having planted just over 32 million trees. A definite big win for our ecosystem.

When large and small restaurants and commercial kitchens inside stadiums, arenas, casinos, hospitals, hotels, groceries, universities, business facilities, and more use Filta’s proprietary microfiltration process, we’re able to help kitchens stretch the precious commodity of cooking oil. For example, by microfiltering the oil from one large arena’s 43 50-pound fryers, we were able to save 3,170 pounds of oil for that venue, in just two months. In that same time, by using FiltaBio, we collected and recycled 3,220 pounds of waste oil for biodiesel.

For every gallon of biodiesel put into use, Filta prevents 16 pounds of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. And the environmental savings don’t stop there. In the above example from just two months working in one arena, the oil saving and recycling accounted for 181 pounds of packaging savings, a 10,791-pound reduction in greenhouse gases, and a reduction of 260 pounds of fertilizer and pesticides for a net result that was like planting 538 trees. All in just two months of fryer management work.

A reduction in oil use translates directly to farming and processing savings in land, water, pesticides, fertilizer, and lime as well as energy savings from diesel, gasoline, electricity, propane, and natural gas use. Obviously, if oil is saved there is less packaging and transportation needed, which results in plastic, cardboard, and diesel savings as well.

All this detailed data and specific numbers are included in every Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that Filta provides its customers. EIRs itemize environmental reductions in particulate matter, hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide when diesel is replaced with biodiesel.

So yes, Filta’s work really is making a positive impact on the environment and we’re proud to do this important work throughout the entire year. To learn more about Filta’s services including fryer cleaning, microfiltration and waste oil

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