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Filta Customer Becomes Franchise Owner in Las Vegas

Filta Customer Becomes Franchise Owner in Las Vegas

Orlando, Florida (August 8, 2017) – As a former General Manager for Sodexo, Lauren Wanco, loved Filta’s total fryer management service, so much in fact that she bought her local franchise. “I found out about Filta as a customer. About three years ago, I was a service director in a smaller facility and a corporate trainer. A colleague of mine called me one day and said you are never going to believe this, I had a guy come into the kitchen and offer to clean my fryers for me. I replied, no way!,” said Wanco. Soon after, she had Filta servicing the commercial kitchens she oversaw and was thrilled with the service.

“I used to be the one who had to clean the fryers the old school way with a big stock pot and pray that I wasn’t going to spill it on the way out to the grease trap,” said Wanco. Knowing firsthand how valuable Filta’s service was to commercial kitchens, she began looking into buying her own franchise. Being a resident of Henderson and a UNLV graduate, she was thrilled to find out that she could acquire the Las Vegas franchise and did just that. Lauren and her husband were awarded the territory this past May and are looking forward to growing Filta’s customer base there.

Filta-Las-VegasWanco’s Filta business currently services areas from Prim all the way up to North Las Vegas, the strip, and Henderson. And, while you might think Filta services exclusively restaurants and bars, it’s interesting to note the diverse customer base, which include hospitals, sports arenas, and casinos. In fact, some of Wanco’s largest customers are area healthcare facilities like Desert Springs Hospital and Sunrise Hospital. “If you have a fryer in your kitchen, then you can definitely benefit from our services,” said Wanco.

Filta’s flagship service, FiltaFry, is a total fryer management solution that provides mobile-based micro-filtration of cooking oil, vacuum-based deep fryer cleaning, and bin-free waste oil recycling. The service extends the life of the cooking oil, saves restaurants time and money, reduces accidents, improves food quality, and eliminates the unsightly waste bins that can cause spills and fines. The service has been quickly adopted across the nation, as it has saved many commercial kitchen mangers countless headaches and reduced the liability associated with employees handling hot cooking oil.

If you’d like to learn more or schedule a site evaluation, you can reach Lauren Wanco at (702) 751-4237 or via email at As always, Filta offers a free no-obligation site evaluation.

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