Devices for Fats, Oils, Grease & Solids (FOGS) Management


Authorities require restaurants and food service establishments (FSE) to have a device for removing Fats, Oils, Grease & Solids (FOGS) from their kitchen ware-washing wastewater. Otherwise, those FOGS may cause a sewer clog that results in a nasty backup and overflow. As a national team of FOGS management experts, we are the best choice for commercial kitchen Automatic Grease Removal Devices (AGRD) and services. The FiltaFOGS Cyclone is non-mechanical and all-stainless steel. It goes in the kitchen and above the floor. The Cyclone can be the sole device at a site or supplement an existing in-ground grease interceptor to boost its capacity and efficiency.

In addition to providing Filta’s own leading-edge ‘FOGS Cyclone’ technology, we are also able to provide maintenance services on any type of AGRD.

The FOGS Experts

We offer solutions designed to suit your specific requirements. Our experts will design a FOGS management system that suits your specific circumstances, needs, and budget. We’ll also help you determine the most effective service schedule for your situation.

When appropriate, we will recommend Filta’s industry-leading FiltaFOGS Cyclone AGRD. Developed by and exclusively available through Filta, the FiltaFOGS Cyclone brings together low cost of ownership with high performance. It is used by restaurant and food service operators across the world to prevent drain blockages and ensure water authority  FOGS Compliance.

We are focused on solving your FOGS problems and developing long-term relationships. We offer design support, installation, training, maintenance and are ready for any questions you may have.  We’re happy to help with the property owner or water authority questions to make sure your FOGS management equipment is compliant and both your business and the environment are protected.

At Filta we make FOGS management easy.

Filta FOGS Cyclone

FiltaFOGS Cyclone: The Next Generation of Automatic Grease Removal Devices

The FiltaFOGS Cyclone is an automatic grease removal device that has been 15 years in development. The Cyclone is designed by FOGS engineers working directly in the field. It takes the very best features and industry innovations and incorporates experience-led design improvements to create a robust, user-friendly and high-performance AGRD. It is a device that will allow restaurants to comply with ever-tightening authority requirements to capture and recycle food and FOGS organics.