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Conversation with Filta Franchisee, John Hartman from Rochester, New York

Conversation with Filta Franchisee, John Hartman from Rochester, New York

Meet John Hartman, a self-proclaimed software geek and successful Filta Franchisee from Rochester, New York. John was a software engineer for 27 years, working for IBM and Xerox, before becoming a Filta franchise owner.

Years as a Filta franchisee: 3

John, what do you think separates Filta from other concepts?

“It’s the franchise support, low overhead to get started, and the lack of any direct competition. The repeat customers are nice, you don’t need a really big sales pipeline. Personally, I like the environmental benefits, too.”

What do your customers tell you they most appreciate about your services?

“They really like that they don’t have to touch the fryers, especially the larger customers that I have, like the colleges. They are all about the safety and they don’t want their employees to touch the fryers at all. The safety aspect is very important to them. The consistency and cleanliness of the fryers is a big plus up here, too.”

In what specific ways has the franchisor helped?

“The help that they provided in getting started and the ongoing help has been great. I definitely like the ease of calling someone and getting an answer to my questions. Plus, I really love having the inside sales team, which makes getting my foot in the door a lot easier. The inside sales team at national helps me find the right people to talk to.”

Tell us more about the support network.

“Filta provides a lot of assistance, and I’ve also gotten a lot of assistance from other franchisees, too. All of the franchisees I’ve talked to have been very willing to help, whether it’s just asking questions or giving ideas.”

“One of my favorite things is the conference. I’ve been to all three conferences that have been held since I started the business. The best part is the networking, it’s just such a friendly group. I’ve made some really good friends just by hanging out at the social events. I’ve learned a lot by talking to them in that atmosphere. That’s really a testimony to the quality of the franchisees that has been developed over time.”

What do you enjoy most about working for yourself?

“I enjoy the variety. Every day there is something new, it’s not the same thing day in and day out. I love being able to set my own schedule. I like going to see a customer that’s been with me for a while and them being appreciative of what we really do for them. I like helping people, so it is a win all around.”

Interested in becoming a Filta franchise owner like John?

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