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Back Yard Burgers

Back Yard Burgers

In September at Backyard Burgers we began using the service of FiltaFry. In just a matter of a few weeks I had already begun to notice the considerable difference. A difference in saving me time and money, as well as the life of my fryer oil. Where most weeks I would order 6-8 cases of oil, I noticed that given the FiltaFry cleaning service I am down to ordering just 3-5 cases per week, saving me anywhere from $25-$100 each week. As well, I have seen a considerable difference in the life of my fryer oil improve from 7-10 days to 10-14 days. In most weeks this pays for the cost of Filta’s service and then some. Aside from the money saved on inventory, FiltaFry has helped save me great amounts of time. Not to mention the absolute cleanliness Filta manages to attain on each fryer. Each week my fryers have looked better and better to the point now where they consistently look as they did the day our store opened.

Since we began using FìltaFry in September, I no longer have to schedule extra employees to be on the clock while I go through the strenuous process of a boil out each week. This has allowed me to focus more of my time on the general upkeep and cleanliness of other areas of my store, and allowed me the time to make sure that more of my guests are completely satisfied.

With FiltaFry you are getting an excellent product as well as the thorough and complete customer service from Filta. Filta is great to work and do business with, and is quick to cater to the needs of their customers. Filta works hard to bring the business relationship to a more comfortable and personal level.

My recommendation to any Restaurant Manager/Owner that understands the process of boiling out and the general upkeep of fryers, and knows how much time and money is spent on the process is to bring Filta on board and let FiltaFry take a large load off your hands at a great price coupled with excellent customer service.


Filta Franchise Owners and Technicians provide service to thousands of Restaurants.

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