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A Filta customer in Germany, Wunderland Kalkar, talks about the FiltaFry service.

We are here in Wunderland Kalkar a former nuclear power station “Schnelle Bruter”rebuilt into an Amusement Park and Hotel complex. We have a total of 415 rooms. We have conference rooms, we have a trade-fair grounds and we have, of course, an amusement park. The amusement park is suitable for young children.  We have an All-inclusive system that means that the guests pay one price and can enjoy all of the amenities.

  • Cost Savings up to 50%
  • Food quality improvement
  • The life of the oil is extended by 100%
  • Contribution to Environmental Protection
  • Clean and hygienic deep fryers
  • Reduction of carbon residue

We have a restaurant with a 1,300 person capacity and we have three satellite kitchens. In these kitchens various products such as fish, naturally the Dutch croquettes and needless to say our French Fries are prepared. A speciality of our restaurant.

We have deep fryers. The most important part of an amusement park is where the deep fryers are located in order to prepare the French fries. The quality of the French fries depend on the oil used. What we see with the company with whom we are currently working is that the quality has gotten better.

The oil lasts longer. The French fries looks better and what is very important to us is that the company cleans the deep fryers. And we have less work and everything is done thoroughly.

It is important for the environment to work with Filta as we use less oil. When we use less oil, we have less waste. On one side it is a cost savings and on the other we are doing something good for the environment.

In summary, working with Filta means a better quality product, less oil is used, no more accidents on the grounds with oil or employees, sustainability – less oil is used and the quality is always good.

What we also have as a great advantage is that the oil is delivered and the old oil is then picked up. There are only advantages.

We at Wunderland Kalkar are incredibly happy with how everything is currently running.

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